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The renewable industry never stands still, and neither do we.

Although we offer positions within different working areas, our end goal is always the same: to accelerate the renewable energy transition on a global scale. And we would like you to join us. 

At New Power Partners, we are always looking for talented, committed and skilled people who are keen to join our adventure and share our passion for being the best at what we do within the renewable industry.  

Applying for a job can be an exciting process, filled with lots of unknowns. We’ve simplified the process to make it as easy as possible for you.  

HR Contact

– Jeanett G. Jørgensen

Contact information

Main number:
+45 53 73 95 50

Recruitment inquires, questions to open positions etc.:

Step by Step: The Job Application Process



Summarize what makes you a great candidate for this role. Emphasize and tell us your particular experience, competencies and achievements. Together with your interest in working at New Power Partners and why you are excited about the position and team. 


Application Review Process

We read every application individually. You will always hear back from us, regardless of the outcome of your application. If we consider your profile a match for the role, we will suggest an intro call on Microsoft Teams.  


Teams Intro Call

You will have a brief talk with HR. Feel free to ask questions to make sure we are the right fit for you. If there is a match, you will be invited for a 1st interview. After the interview, and regardless of the outcome, we will always provide you with written feedback.


1st Interview

During this interview, you will meet HR and the Hiring Manager for the specific department. At this step, the dialogue will dig deeper into your experience and qualifications along with the responsibilities and expectations in the job.  


2nd Interview

If both parties still believe in the match, you will potentially meet with our client for the project to which you will be assigned in case of employment (only relevant for consultants). Likewise, we will go through the terms and conditions for the position.  



After the second interview, we will carefully consider your experience, qualifications and expectations to see if there is a match for the role. 

Why join us?

We are in it together – always!

We trust in you

We succeed together

We are a flexible company

We cherish a strong social community