We bring power to projects

We are a team of experts bringing power to projects within the offshore industry, renewable energy projects and site solution management services.

Offshore Wind

Offshore Wind excels in project management and consultancy services in complex offshore wind projects.

Green Transition

Green Transition provides technical project development and advisory services within renewable fuels and energy transition projects.

Site Solutions

Site Solutions excels in developing and executing fully tailored turnkey solutions in the onshore and offshore industries.

Renewable Energy Experts

Global Project Management

We are a global project management company with dedicated experts working on large renewable construction projects. With our international and culturally diverse company, we encompass many different nationalities allowing us to bring power to projects.

We offer global project management for large renewable construction projects. Our experts have extensive experience, and we have been a part of developing projects, totaling more than 70 gigawatt.

We strengthen our customers’ ability to maximize value creation on their projects by applying our experience in evaluating and selecting technical and operational solutions as well as by designing optimized processes and managing operations closely and professionally.





Power to Projects

We develop and execute several projects within our three business units; Offshore Wind, Green Transition and Site Solutions. Read more about the projects we have executed and are currently executing within the specific areas below.

Offshore Wind


Green Transition


Site Solutions




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Projects and Offices

We operate Worldwide

We are located worldwide and currently have five offices. We develop projects all over the world, and the map is just a selection of our projects. Explore more of our projects by clicking the button.


Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Germany, England, Ireland, Scotland, France, Italy, Greece, Poland, Netherlands, Portugal, and Spain.


Taiwan, Vietnam, Japan, Korea, Philippines, Indonesia, and Thailand


Morocco, and Rwanda

North America

USA, Canada, and Mexico

South America

Columbia, and Brazil


News and insights

Our business is growing continuously, and we are constantly expanding. Keep yourself updated by reading our latest news here.