New Power Partners opens a branch in South Korea

Photo credit: Just Co – Ferrum Tower – JustCo


We are delighted to announce a significant milestone for our company with the expansion of our newly established branch in Seoul, South Korea.
Published on March 1, 2023

In New Power Partners, we are driven by a strong growth ambition, and the country’s renewable energy targets make South Korea a natural choice for our expansion efforts. 

Our Branch Manager in South Korea, Garry, states: “South Korea has been actively promoting the development of offshore wind energy as part of its renewable energy targets. The government has set a goal to increase the country’s offshore wind capacity to 12 gigawatts by 2030.” 

To support this goal, South Korea has implemented various measures, including the establishment of offshore wind development zones, financial incentives, and regulatory reforms. The country has also attracted significant investments from domestic and international companies in offshore wind projects. 

Considering the government’s commitment to renewable energy and the potential for offshore wind in South Korea, we anticipate continued growth in the industry in the years ahead.  

“With all this in mind, we can clearly see the opportunities for New Power Partners and our three business units to contribute to realizing the ambitions of the South Korean government”, Garry states.