Introducing an Innovative Tool for Sizing Renewable Energy Projects and PtX Plants

Green Transition
Yggdrasil: A cutting-edge tool for renewable energy project planning PtX technology deployment.
Published on April 4, 2024

We are thrilled to unveil a cutting-edge tool for renewable energy project planning and Power-to-X (PtX) technology deployment: Yggdrasil.

Internally developed, this advanced algorithmic tool represents a significant leap in optimizing the sizing of wind, solar resources, BESS, hydrogen, ammonia, and E-fuel production, tailored to specific technologies.

Yggdrasil is specifically designed for internal use to assist in accurately assessing the early phases of our clients’ projects.

What sets this tool apart is its ability to go beyond basic calculations; it also harnesses the power of Big Data, efficiently navigating through millions of records. This capability allows the tool to integrate detailed technical parameters, such as wind speed adjustments, electrical and environmental losses, and turbine availability, ensuring unparalleled accuracy and depth in its analysis.

Here are some key features you will find invaluable:

  • Wind and Solar Resource Sizing: Incorporates multiple complex factors like wake effects, grid availability, degradation, and more for precise planning.
  • PtX Asset Efficiency: Analyzes efficiency, degradation, water consumption, and by-product management for optimal PtX deployment.
  • Storage Solutions: Sizes hydrogen storage and Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS), supporting grid services, energy arbitrage, and ancillary services effectively.
  • Customizable Outputs: Utilizes an advanced solver for optimized configurations, but also allows manual inputs for project-specific constraints.

This tool is not just a technical marvel; it’s a strategic asset for decision-makers like you. Whether you are performing a wind farm layout, selecting the best BESS technology, or sizing an electrolyzer, this tool offers versatility for both initial project scoping and comprehensive energy-to-hydrogen/ammonia/E-fuels planning.

The tool provides clear decision-making support, futureproofing capabilities with technology and price predictions, and detailed business case analyses. From assessing the Levelized Cost of Energy (LCOE) to evaluating the Levelized Cost of Hydrogen (LCOH) and beyond, you will find comprehensive insights complete with graphs and results for Wind, Solar, BESS, and PtX assessments.

Here is why it matters:

  • Decision-Making Clarity: Provides data-driven insights to select optimal technology models and sizes for each scenario.
  • Futureproofing: Incorporates technology price predictions and electricity price forecasts for the next 20 years into your planning
  • Business Case Analysis: Receive comprehensive financial metrics for informed investment and operational decisions.

In essence, this tool is not just a technical solution; it is a strategic ally in navigating the complexities of renewable energy and PtX projects, serving as a valuable internal resource for delivering precise, early-phase project assessments for our clients.

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