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Offshore Wind

Our Offshore Wind unit excels in project management and consultancy services in complex offshore wind projects.

New Power Partners offers best-in-class services within EPCI & PMO Project Development and Project Management based on our long experience within offshore wind. With our well-proven track-record of successful projects we have tested and continuously improved our engineering services and management control systems. 

  • Management and coordination of commercial and engineering disciplines and reporting of technical work-package activities ensuring best value with keen attention to health, safety and environmental considerations.
  • Addressing technical complexities, by driving and coordinating the technical process for specialized activities.
  • Analysing and defining the best Transport & Installation set-up of vessels and equipment considering all technical and environmental aspects.
  • Coordinating project activities, schedules, budgets, and reporting on progress to ensure stakeholders are aligned and informed.
  • Identifying needs for the project, sourcing suitable suppliers, negotiating contracts, and pricing, and purchasing required goods or services.

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– Tonni V. Bager, COO & Managing Partner

With a progressive background in Offshore Wind, ranging from hands-on experience to C-level, Tonni has been involved in the development and construction of numerous offshore wind projects. Please reach out to Tonni if have any questions or requests regarding our services in Offshore Wind.

Our services in Offshore Wind

Project management & Engineering

We support the life cycle of wind projects, focusing on maximizing the potential of each project for the employer.

Project Management Office

We support the project management by establishing an integrated Project Control with a focus on schedule, risk, cost, documentation, change management and interfaces.

Procurement and Contract Management

We provide full end-to-end support within a project maximizing commercial advantage in order to ensure an optimal financial outcome.

Our specialists have expertise within:


We support all aspects of the foundation package management throughout the lifecycle of your project.

Electrical & Transmission

We are a trusted advisor for the design management services and supervision of high voltage equipment installation for offshore wind projects.

Wind Turbine Generator

We provide experienced WTG Package Management. Ranging from project management of procurement, and engineering to interface and risk management among others.

Construction Management

We provide essential support to larger contracts and packages during the construction phase of projects.

Offshore Wind

We bring power to projects

Advisory through all phases of the project

This means that we can take the clients through all phases from the project origination and screening phase into the early development, concept, execution, and construction phase of the project.

Each assignment requires a different combination of skills and expertise. With our cross-border approach, we provide our clients with the right team and set-up for the best possible results, regardless of the project’s location.

This way, we ensure your project is getting the best and most solid start, help navigate through the critical phases of the project and ensure successful project continuation until the end of the project.


Through our deep involvement in complex offshore wind projects during the past eight years, our Offshore Wind unit has obtained extensive knowledge and practical experience.

Project Management & Engineering

Our Engineering team supports the life cycle of wind projects, focusing on maximizing the potential of each project for the Client. We strive to create innovative products and solutions in areas where we identify gaps in the current market, or where an employer comes to us with a problem to be addressed. Our tools are created in-house based on strong industry know-how and are customizable to suit the clients’ specifications.

Our services within Engineering


  • Estimating annual energy production
  • Drafting turbine layout
  • Drafting technical turbine design and supply requirements

Cables/Electrical System

  • Drafting array cable layouts
  • Assessing onshore substation initial feasibility, sizing, and supply requirements
  • Assessing offshore substation initial feasibility
  • Drafting technical array cable design and supply requirements
  • Drafting export cable routing design and cable burial risk assessment


  • Drafting technical foundation design and supply requirements

Engineering Services

  • Technical project description summary (PDS)
  • Ports and logistics assessment
  • Engineering & design management
  • Technical due diligence
  • Lenders technical advisor


  • Installation simulation and weather impact assessment
  • Installation vessel suitability assessment
  • Onshore substation initial feasibility, sizing, and supply requirements
  • Offshore substation initial feasibility

Project Management Office (PMO)

Our PMO services support project management by establishing an Integrated Project Control with a focus on the following fundamental areas: Schedule, Risk, Cost, Documentation, Change Management, and Interfaces. Our PMO methodology is based on internationally recommended practices such as PMI (Project Management Institute) standards and AACE (Association for the Advance of Cost Engineering) standards.

Our services within PMO

PMO Management

  • Creating WBS (Work Breakdown Structure)
  • Creating project management requirements for contracts
  • Project reviews and recommendations
  • Project assurance/gate reviews

Project Planning/Scheduling Management

  • Creating a project schedule management plan
  • Level 2, high-level schedule model, in Primavera P6
  • Level 3, detailed schedule for progress measurement, in Primavera P6 and MS Project tool
  • Performing critical path analysis
  • Schedule risk analysis modeling
  • Planning/scheduling workshops

Project Risk & Opportunities Management

  • Creating project risk and opportunities management plan
  • Qualitative risk analysis
  • Quantitative analysis using Safran risk tool
  • Risk and opportunities workshops

Project Cost Management

  • Cost management plan
  • Budget base estimate creation into Primavera P6 or Primavera Cloud
    (Devex, Capex, Opex, Decex/Abex)
  • HR Cost Modeling from resources in Primavera P6 and Primavera Cloud
  • Cost reports

Document Control Management

  • Creating a document management plan
  • Preparing documentation management implementation plan

Project Scope & Change Management

  • Creating Scope and Change Management Plan
  • Creating Scope and Change Control

Project Interface Management

  • Preparing information manual
  • Creating an interface management plan
  • Creating interface register and interface control

Procurement & Contract Management

Our Procurement and Contract Management Function (P&CM) provides full end- to- end support within a project maximizing commercial advantage while de-risking to ensure the optimal financial outcome for your project. The P&CM team brings a wealth of experience gained from various sectors. We support projects with securing long term sustainable supply chain solutions, assist greatly with meeting local content requirements and ensure that all procurement- related activities are ethically sourced taking cognizance of local Corporate and Social Responsibilities.

Our services within Procurement & Contract Management

Strategic Sourcing

  • Needs analysis
  • Market and supply chain suitability analysis
  • Early supply chain engagement

Tendering & Contracting

  • Pre-qualification of suppliers (PQQ)
  • Development of ITT documentation
  • Develop conditions of the contract
  • Manage Invitation to tender process
  • Tender evaluation and negotiations
  • Recommendation of suppliers
  • Contract signing

Contract Management

  • Claims management
  • Supplier performance (KPI’s)
  • Cost control
  • Management of variations
  • Dispute resolution
  • Final account

Procurement Solutions

  • Contract planner and tracker
  • Tender evaluation tools
  • Project risk matrix
  • Early-warning systems for supply
  • Supplier key performance indicators


Our highly experienced technical team can support all aspects of foundation package management throughout the lifecycle of your project. Amongst our team, we have in-depth first-hand experience in monopile, jacket, suction, and gravity-based fixed bottom solutions as well as some of the industry leaders in floating foundations.

Our services within Foundation

Development Stage

  • Preliminary foundation optioneering (selection of likely solution types)
  • Design concept assessment/selection
  • Proof-of-design concept
  • Drafting technical foundation design and supply scope of works
  • Provisional installation program

Engineering Stage

  • FEED process management
  • Detailed design management
  • Technical design review/risk review
  • Detailed installation program design/sensitivity analysis

Construction Stage

  • Installation Management
  • Interface management
  • Package lessons learned/recovery plans

Whole lifecycle

  • Foundation condition assessment
  • Technical due diligence

Electrical & Transmission

Our high voltage engineers have in-depth experience in the electrical elements of an offshore wind farm including onshore/offshore substations, switchgears, transformers, cable infrastructure, earthing systems, and SCADA. We are a trusted advisor for the design management services and supervision of high voltage equipment installation for offshore wind projects.

Our services within Electrical

Inspection and testing

  • WTG inspections and onshore/offshore substation inspection
    • The condition of components and assets
    • The performance of maintenance and repairs
    • Evaluation of the operating data and availability calculation
  • Inspection at any stage
    • Manufacturing of components
    • Storage and / or transport of equipment
    • Commissioning the project
    • Monitoring project milestones
    • End of warranty (EOW)
FEED studies and engineering management

  • Layout and equipment (offshore)
    • Overall wind farm Single Line Diagram
    • Redundancy philosophy
  • Layout and equipment (onshore)
    • Substation layout
    • List of onshore equipment including land cables / transmission lines.
    • Preliminary civil and building designs
  • Grid study and cables
    • Preliminary grid study analyses to ensure grid compliance (cover load flow, reactive power compensation, losses, short circuit, optimization, etc.)

Commissioning management

  • Monitoring and supervision
    • Management and supervision of the offshore commissioning team in the execution of the scope and all associated activities according to the plans
    • Supervision of pre-commissioning activities
    • Supervision of commissioning and commissioning audits
  • Desk studies
    • Identification and develop handover procedures
    • Development of onshore/offshore commissioning and completions strategies, execution plans and documentation
    • Identification of all vendors required for the commissioning and organise the vendor plan
    • Identification of all training requirements and development training plan for the offshore commissioning team
Wind Turbine Generator (WTG)
Our Offshore Wind unit provides experienced WTG Package Management including project management of procurement, engineering, installation, construction planning, execution, HSE services, quality management, interface, and risk management. Wind turbines are usually a significant part of the CAPEX cost, and technology development is one of the key drivers of a business case. Other key drivers are the foundations and balance of plant design.

Our services within Wind Turbine Generator

WTG Package Management

  • Risk management, interface management, and planning
  • Engineering or interfaces and executing these
  • DEVEX, CAPEX, and OPEX budget input

WTG Procurement Management

  • Employer requirements
  • TSA negotiations and procurement strategy
  • Business case optimization CAPEX, AEP, and Scheduling

WTG Installation Management

  • Vessel suitability assessment
  • Installation time scheduling
  • Vessel procurement

WTG Pre-Assembly Harbor Assessment and Management

  • Harbor requirement and suitability assessment
  • Pre-assembly site management and pre-assembly harbor preparation
  • Mobilization and demobilization management

Construction Management

Our Construction Management services provide essential support to larger contracts and packages during the construction phase of projects. We cover the internal and external interfaces with key stakeholders in order to increase project execution certainty.

Our services within Construction Management

Port Assessment

All ports can be assessed including O&M Service harbour, Pre-Assembly, Marshalling and Manufacturing harbours.

  • Market entry studies (gap analysis)
  • Desktop feasibility studies of potential ports
  • Detailed multi-stage port assessments
  • Engaging with the port owners on technical and commercial topics
  • Commercial agreement management including reservation agreements and land leases

Logistics Package Management

  • Creation of EPCI logistic strategies
  • Vessel and heli strategy for crew change
  • Communications strategy and solution implementation
  • Site marking concept
  • Weather forecasting procurement
  • Client Reps procurement and management
  • Marine coordination
  • HAZID/HAZOP implementation into the EPCI packages
  • Guard vessel procurement and management

Transportation and Installation

  • Noise mitigation – full project management of noise mitigation scope
  • T&I - full wrap of the T&I scope, vessel procurement, suitability assessment, and execution management
  • Marine Warranty Surveyor management
  • UXO – full wrap of the UXO identification and removal scope
  • Site Specific Assessment (SSA) – our in-house expertise can manage the SSA interface with the jack-up vessel owner