Star of the South

Client: Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners


Victoria, Australia

GW / MW:

2.2 GW


December 2018


Under development
Supporting the Star of the South project with our expert knowledge, the wind farm has the potential to power around 1.2 million homes and provide up to 20% of Victoria’s electricity needs.

We have been involved in the development of the first offshore wind farm in Australia, Star of the South, which will generate up to 2.2 gigawatts (GW) of power. The project is currently under development and aims for bringing power to the grid within this decade.

We have supported Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners (CIP) with concept studies, and logistic modeling supporting early feasibility assessment to be completed. This involved a detailed review of transport and installation vessels, scenario modeling for different concepts and component sizing as well as impact assessment on corresponding local infrastructure.

Our scope of the project is completed, and the project continues the development toward a financial decision.

With a capacity of 2.2 GW, Star of the South has the potential to generate power for around 1.2 million homes across the state. Also, the wind park has the potential to supply up to 20% of Victoria’s electricity needs while creating jobs and investment.

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