Zhong Neng Offshore Wind Farm

Client: Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners



GW / MW:

294.5 MW




Installation ongoing
On the Zhong Neng Offshore Wind Farm Project, we contribute with our expertise and support the offshore wind project with our dedicated team of experts.

We play a supporting role in various aspects of the Zhong Neng Offshore Wind Farm. We are involved in almost all key packages such as the onshore substation, foundations, export and array cables, and wind turbines. We contribute with our expertise by providing a dedicated team of T&I Engineers, T&I Managers, and Package Managers who are responsible for:

• Managing and coordinating commercial and engineering topics within the packages.
• Reporting on the progress and activities related to the packages.
• Proactively addressing complexity and resolving issues within the packages.
• Coordinating project activities, schedules, and budgets, and providing progress reports.
• Ensuring smooth interface management between the packages.
• Identifying project requirements, sourcing appropriate suppliers, negotiating contracts, determining prices, and procuring necessary goods and services.

The construction of the Offshore Wind Power project is expected to begin in 2023 and will provide around 300,000 households in Taiwan with green energy.