Client: Yunneng Wind Power Company



GW / MW:

640 MW


September 2022


Installation ongoing
We brought power to the Yunlin offshore wind farm project through modelling the installation campaigns and forecasting the expected installation rates for each scope to support the project management team in strategic decision making in relation to project execution.

Within a very short timeframe, we were asked to dig into the project details and identify the issues at hand. The team then constructed a set of realistic scenarios with full analysis for each scenario alongside the combined scenarios. The outcome was a transparent and realistic schedule provided through a trusted tool to enable better decision making.

Based on mathematical modelling and specialist knowledge, it was made possible to make a timely educated choice of installation vessel. This added value to the client by highlighting risk and supporting in the search for suitable solutions enabling the further progress of the project.

The key components of the values brought to the client are:

  • A trustworthy plan for the monopile installation campaign, including reliable weather downtime simulations, risk considerations, and technical vessel solutions.
  • A list of clearly presented scenarios on which to base critical decision making, including different vessels and different installation methods using each vessel.
  • An accountable and dedicated partner for the client with which to discuss ideas and planning.