Meet Didier

Trust and values bring results


“The best thing about working at New Power Partners is to be surrounded and supported by competent people that I personally respect and appreciate for their professionalism and values,” Didier Barraux states. 

Didier has been part of our team since February 2019. He is in charge of a wind turbine installation scope for our client, working as Lead Offshore Installation Manager (OIM) at the Changfang and Xidao 600MW projects in Taiwan. 

Managing and leading teams, risks, interfaces, processes, communications and – sometimes – alignment of expectations are some of his tasks.

“I like that I have learned a lot during my time in Taiwan, and I really feel I have been trusted and encouraged to find my own way to thrive in this environment,” Didier states. 

What is the best thing about working at New Power Partners? 

” New Power Partners is driven by ambitious people who keep looking forward, while I’m dealing with my day-to-day tasks. I feel safe by sitting in this train when everything moves so fast in this industry. And I can serenely focus on my work because I know they care for each individual,” Didier explains. 

He continues: “What stands out at New Power Partners in terms of managing projects and people is what I call the ‘Scandinavian Touch’; This capacity to trust people, to grow group intelligence and to value skills and results.” 

“The pragmatism, the care and discernment at New Power Partners are important to me as it allows various kinds of people to truly enjoy working together.” 

About his own management, Didier emphasizes people as the driver and willingness: 

“My way of managing and leading adapts an approach where trust, respect and gratitude are in focus just as much as pleasure and fun. I believe that encouraging the desire of each individual and groups to deliver good results and to help others to do so, too, wasting the minimum of effort, brings the best results in complex systems, when such systems are driven by people more than technology, like ours,” he says. 

And we cannot agree more. We are driven by people and value when leaders encourage and foster trust, accountability, and willingness.