Meet Anthony

Professional growth is my motivation

Subsea Cables Package Manager in Taiwan, Branch Manager in Taiwan, EPCI Director at the Codling Offshore Wind Park project in Ireland.

These are the various roles that Anthony (or Mich which he is better known by) has performed since he joined us in February 2018 as Subsea Cables Package Manager in Taiwan, where he led and managed the cables team on the Changfang and Xidao projects.

“It has always motivated me when I have the opportunity to grow in my career, to learn new skills, to challenge myself, to move forward and grow into a new role,” Mich states.

In the spring of 2021, he took on the responsibility as Branch Manager in Taiwan where he managed the team and business operations of New Power Partners in Taiwan by providing consultancy to our clients.

After a couple of great years in Taiwan, Mich has now recently returned to Europe and joined the Codling project as the EPCI Director where he is responsible for managing the development and potential construction of this project.

“What has been really rewarding and now inspiring about my time at New Power Partners is that our plans have become a reality, and being part of that reality gives me a great sense of pride,” Mich expresses.

He continues: “Professional growth and development are a real thing at New Power Partners. It’s more than an aspiration. If you want to progress and are suitably motivated, it will happen.”

Long-term relations with our colleagues are extremely important to us, and Mich is a great example of how we support and encourage the growth and development of our passionate employees.

Passionate and motivated employees. This is what brings power to our projects.