Meet Victor

Freedom is essential

Victor has been working at New Power Partners since January 2020 where he joined us as Global Business Development Manager. He was the very first colleague working in the business development function.

As the team grew, Victor became Head of Sales and Business Development from August 2020.

“It is exciting to be part of a journey where I started as a ‘one-man band’ for around half a year and then started expanding. We have built such a strong team, and I see a huge potential in that team,” Victor expresses.

Now, having worked as Head of Sales and Business Development for two-and-a-half years, Victor took on the responsibility of one of our business units as Head of Green Transition from January 2023.

Green Transition is a leading and trusted advisory within renewable projects for developers and investors globally. We have proven experience in executing full end-to-end development of renewable fuel projects.

“It is exciting to work at New Power Partners because much has happened in the last three years. It is inspiring to be part of a journey where the founding partners’ ambitions and strategy have become a success and are reflected in a concrete business,” Victor states.

“We have a really good culture at New Power Partners. I experience a high degree of freedom under responsibility. You get a lot of mandate to run your tasks at New Power Partners, and I am confident that the management and leaders have my back. It is a culture that I thrive in,” Victor ends by expressing.

Freedom under responsibility is important to Victor, and at New Power Partners we also believe that it is a key factor of our working culture.

It is our valued and dedicated colleagues, like Victor, who are the driving force of the power we provide to projects.