Meet Stine

A fantastic opportunity where I learn through challenges


My name is Stine, and I was born in Silkeborg in Central Jutland (Denmark). When I went on to take my higher commercial examination at HHX in Silkeborg, it became clear to me in which direction my future work life should go – namely in the marketing and communications direction.

I live in Aarhus where I also did my bachelor’s and master’s degrees at the Aarhus University (BSS). I have a bachelor’s in Marketing and Communication Management, and a master’s in Strategic Communication. Through my bachelor’s studies, I took a semester abroad at the San Diego State University where I learnt a lot about different cultures, how to adapt to a different university system, and my English language skills got improved.

Currently, I work as a Communications and Marketing Graduate at New Power Partners. My journey as a member of the Graduate team at New Power Partners started in August 2022, and I have already now extensive experience with various projects and tasks within employer branding, B2B marketing, and internal communication.

To begin my career as a Graduate was the perfect choice for me as I now have the opportunity to utilize my newly gathered skills and theoretical knowledge from the university in a business.

Being a Graduate at New Power Partners is a fantastic opportunity for me to grow through exciting challenges. Already from the first day, I was given a lot of responsibility and a great deal of influence on which tasks I should work with, depending on my own interests. Also, I feel a high degree of support and trust from my colleagues and leader which strengthens my confidence and capabilities and helps me grow even further.

As part of the Graduate Programme, we all meet up once a month for the Graduate Unity meetings across departments which help us get inspired by each other. Furthermore, I have been matched with an experienced colleague who acts as my mentor. I really like this form of informal advisement and coaching as it is a safe environment for me to share my concerns, challenges, dreams, and to get advice on how I can do something differently.

I have started my career in an ambitious, flexible, open, passionate, and inclusive company. New Power Partners is everything that I could ever dream of.

The organizational structure is flat which makes me comfortable with asking questions, providing my input, and saying my opinion. Both among my close colleagues, but also among the management team. The doors are always open, and everyone listens to each other’s input.

To me, it is important to be part of a company that emphasizes social activities and do “the little extra” for the team members.

I am proud to be part of New Power Partners working for a greener future.