Changfang and Xidao

Client: Vestas


Taichung, Taiwan

GW / MW:

589 MW


August 2021


On going
In our Site Solutions business unit, we take pride in our contribution to the Changfang and Xidao project, providing comprehensive site facility services and support to Vestas’ team throughout the construction phase.

We are supporting their team in various aspects:

  1. Provision of Temporary Site Facilities:
    In Site Solutions we handle the complete setup and operation of Vestas’ pre-assembly site, including acquiring necessary permits, installing fire equipment, and conducting regular inspections. The team also constructs essential facilities and manages the day-to-day operations of the warehouse, office buildings, canteen, toilets, and changing rooms.

  2. Dedicated Project Manager:
    We have assigned a skilled project manager who remains involved throughout the project’s lifecycle. The manager is not only responsible for installations but also ensures seamless adjustments to meet Vestas’ evolving needs.

  3. Taiwanese HSE Manager:
    Likewise, we have assigned a competent HSE manager with knowledge of local regulations who supervises both the local and European subcontractors.

  4. Site Support Functions:
    With English and Mandarin-speaking capabilities, the Site Solutions team offers valuable assistance to Vestas. They aid in translating quotations, identifying local suppliers, and providing cultural insights to facilitate smooth operations.

  5. 24-Hour Site Security:
    Security is a top priority, and in Site Solutions we have implemented round-the-clock measures, including gate installation and electronic access cards, to ensure the site’s safety.

  6. Fully Equipped Apartments:
    Our team provides fully equipped 3-bedroom apartments located within 15 minutes of the site. The number of apartments is tailored to Vestas’ requirements, with the flexibility to accommodate additional units based on the manpower plan.

  7. Streamlined Check-In/Check-Out Process:
    Our Site Solutions team manages the check-in and check-out procedures efficiently, ensuring a hassle-free experience for the project’s workforce.

  8. Local Contact Availability:
    Recognizing the challenges of being in a foreign culture and country, we have designated a local contact person available seven days a week. This individual offers invaluable support to address any day-to-day issues that may arise.

The next steps in the project involve adjusting the site facilities and the number of apartments to align with Vestas’ current needs during this stage of the project. Our contribution to the project will extend throughout all phases.

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